Red Whisper

Oh Ground, you ground me.
Ponderosa I whisper;
“I know you see”

I drink the blood that turns me red, and
you, you touch the blue;
watching, listening, stories unsaid.

Your cracks are deep,
your bark is thick and I,
I grow down here,
by your feet.

Wind, blow my petals up to the sky
where the trees touch you, you,
where clouds float by.

I’ll hitch a ride to the sun and whisper;
“I wish I may I wish I might”
as the sun goes down,
down, for another night.

Oh you Raspberry Roots

raspberry rootsOh you Raspberry Roots,
you have uncontrolled bushes.
Your such a pain,
planting yourself,
without any aim.

Your fruit is nice,
minus the seeds,
which get stuck in my teeth,
you remind me of weeds.

Oh you Raspberry Roots,
your pulled and cleared,
you had to go.
I wasn’t such a fan,
as you now must know.

Don’t be upset,
you will find a home,
among those Oak branchs,
where you will roam.

(The Oak branches are referenced from my previous poem Bending grass. The words just fell into place)