In Love And War

There is no mystic moon,
on a mountain between
the pine trees

Oh God…
… forgot I didn’t believe in you!

What’s these hands,
mouths, skin, and the curve
of an ass have anything
to do with righteousness…
… with beauty?

The world opens
with a spring blossom, and yet…
we’ll be the best gardens
when we’re gone

Oh mystic Moon…
they say, it’s all fair
in love and war, 

… it’s all fair, in love and war

The Other Side of Dawn


    When night falls
    Stars touch down,
    and in their light,
    flowers grow like
    Souls living forever.

    Beauty falls upon you,
    and in the becoming,
    radiant colors
    live and die in the seasons
    of your life.

    No Earth that is not of your body.
    No Nature that does not nurture.

    Be open like the ocean
    and see like the sky,
    for a heart, ~
    that does not feel nor see,
    is indeed an empty heart.

    Emptiness is NOT sadness,
    but rather moves like a black-hole
    that endlessly absorbs,
    the seasons of your life.

    A simple wholeness,
    and so very complete
    on the other side of dawn,

    Where the soil
    that holds the souls,
    flowers both, in the light
    of the Stars.