Under the Sun

The sky holds
me, together;

moving me,
above you below you,
kiss me love me…
say no more.

I love breathing
you in,

I love breathing
in the colours
the sun sees,
transpiring into the wind;

moving you,
above me below me,
kiss me love me…
say no more.


We’re going to ‘Trip The Light’

for some
are in
the grace
of light,
like your
beside you,
️and the
nation of stars
above you.

(Vocals by Alicia Lemke of Alice of The Glass Lake. Thank-you Matt Harding)

Among The Branches

From the breath
of my mouth,
a song softly whispers
the leaves away.
Passionate veins of blood
and hearts of gold,
end their shimmering
days in the sun.
But there, in the
dawn of day,
a mockingbird
sits ceremonial,
among the bare branches.
The radiant hues
of summer were blinding,
but fall…oh fall
closes the day
into sweet silence.
From the last breath
of my mouth, to the last leaf
whispered away in a song,
serenity remains,
and a new world opens.


We have thrown
bottles of virtue
into an empty sea.

Glass melts
in the eye of the Sun,
and the daughter of Water
crafts a window of wonder.

Does beauty reside in truth,
when the Sun gives
all the Sea to the Air,
and the Daughter’s hands
become the soil of the Earth?

Emptiness becomes…

In giving,
In seeing,
In loving,

From the eye, from the hand,
and in the message of a bottle,
that slowly seeps out,

Into and from…

Virtuous souls somewhere.

Homs A City of Pain

A fortunate life I/we live.

This video broke all laws,
all walls of humanity,
if any remain still around my/your heart.

This is Now.
Present Day.
Five minute video.
Thank-you Drykka Moon for sharing.

May spirits come together.
No words for me to say.

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