In Love And War

There is no mystic moon,
on a mountain between
the pine trees

Oh God…
… forgot I didn’t believe in you!

What’s these hands,
mouths, skin, and the curve
of an ass have anything
to do with righteousness…
… with beauty?

The world opens
with a spring blossom, and yet…
we’ll be the best gardens
when we’re gone

Oh mystic Moon…
they say, it’s all fair
in love and war, 

… it’s all fair, in love and war



Power beats,
where the keeper
is the seeker.
Slow it down,
and watch the wilds
fall to the ground.
In place of no place,
In time of no time,
Home remains
without constrains,
where going is really coming.
Hear the beat,
see the dance,
Dark and Light in romance.
In the
absence of nothing,
when the wilds come down,
you are.


Is Famine a crime, and whom is the enemy?

My thoughts have been on hunger, war, and how fortunate I am to have the simplest of necessities denied to millions, denied to children.

East Africa Crisis ~ A Song For Africa: Let it Rain

Sorry, I do not know the artist, but a simple voice sings a simple yet powerful message.. ‘let it rain and wash away our pain’

Not a day goes by I don’t think of Syria too, and her children in the grasp of war and famine.

If we are one people, then we are all hurt, when one is. Maybe we are our own worst enemy, but hope always remains and a gift of give is possible. Even a good thought, can send a positive message.