It’s not the berries … (Haiku)

It’s not the berries,
when the windows are open?
Two broken necked birds.



Sometimes I wonder,
who is she that looks
back at me,
how many times
have I lived and died,
and what do you know
that you are not telling me?
I have fallen into the dark
so many times,
the humble dirt…
where life begins and ends.
~ What of the albatross
to the Ancient Mariner,
and the window to the
Lady of Shalott,
and of course…
by any other name
I would be the same!
~ My lips are rosy
and my hair is golden,
but a kiss is but a kiss,
for love stays and lust goes.
~ I am here…
and tonight I saw the brightest
stars through the trees,
like winter apples,
and yes, I picked them
and made wine.
~ Love, what of my reflection?
Soon enough i’m sure,
all my answers will be clear.