Backyard ~ Pictures

IMG_9186-1 (Let your heart be light)

IMG_9105-1 (Visitors)

IMG_9147-1 (What the noise from the coyotes were about)

IMG_9254-1 (Raven ~ Gotcha)

IMG_9189-0 (Doing nothing)

IMG_9017-1 (Listening)

All My Days – Alexi Murdoch




There are
no Seasons
to hold onto;
ask The Rose.

I can smell the
spicy freshness of Fall,
hovering above my lips…
before kissing the
pink of Summer goodbye.

There is
no cheapness
in the love of Seasons.

We strip down,
when all the petals have blown;
falling into
the rest of our lives.

Ask The Rose
about Winter,
ask the bird that sits
at the side of our grave
eating the seeds of rose hips.

growing again
into the depths
of Spring, into
the Seasons of our lives;
our skin and bones.