Music: ‘Days Like This’

Not sure
how you’re feeling;
just a little bit of
warm love
‘Days Like this’.


(Thank-you Van Morrison)


We’re going to ‘Trip The Light’

for some
are in
the grace
of light,
like your
beside you,
️and the
nation of stars
above you.

(Vocals by Alicia Lemke of Alice of The Glass Lake. Thank-you Matt Harding)

Baby Dolls

The seamstress of the world could not thread the eye of the needle.
No thread is stong enough to mend

these legs,
these arms,
these hearts,

back together again.

In the ruin of fire, blood, and tears;
baby dolls lay in the waste of sour humanity,
somewhere in the world today.

May the warrior’s heart slip through space,
in the dead calm of darkness; landing on Planet SOS.

Here the thread found is King and Queen to all wordly man’ness things.

The needle threads on the way back down,
and a zillion phoenixs rise up.

Baby dolls,
playing, laughing, smiling.

(Peace to the Souls of Homs, Syria, and children around the world, caught in war)

Gringo’s Present

White words sit on butterfly wings;
dazzling and distraught.

History on playback;
pain on records repeat.

The Raven laughs as your wings crunch beneath his claws.
He snacks on your words and spits them out into the present.

A changed man you are.

Smack dab in the middle of today.

The Raven smiles,
turns his head,
and flies away.