I’ve been away…

I’ve been away

but not really…

Like the sound of

a guitar years after

it’s been played,

embedded in the

grains of it’s body.

Maybe like the house

that is never a home,

a garden that is

never planted,

But yet here we are

in the midst of spring again…

growing from the death

of winter…

I’ve been away

but not really


Mountain Ash

We’re not suppose to remember everything… we’re human,
nor are we here without a purpose.

The sound of the Sun
as it moves across the Sky,
and how the Stars are born,
bursting into rivers down
around our feet.

Before our first breath,
and directly after our last,
and in a few golden moments
in between.

You didn’t break in and steal all
my gold, nor make a bouquet of
flowers from them…

For in the seam of the river,
the Mountain Ash reflects well,
where you can see the blossoms and where I… I can see you.

Audio recording: Mountain Ash.m4a
(Something a bit different …)