We’re going to ‘Trip The Light’

for some
are in
the grace
of light,
like your
beside you,
️and the
nation of stars
above you.

(Vocals by Alicia Lemke of Alice of The Glass Lake. Thank-you Matt Harding)


Among The Branches

From the breath
of my mouth,
a song softly whispers
the leaves away.
Passionate veins of blood
and hearts of gold,
end their shimmering
days in the sun.
But there, in the
dawn of day,
a mockingbird
sits ceremonial,
among the bare branches.
The radiant hues
of summer were blinding,
but fall…oh fall
closes the day
into sweet silence.
From the last breath
of my mouth, to the last leaf
whispered away in a song,
serenity remains,
and a new world opens.

Yellow Garbage Bag

Are you a man of the cloth, or
a women of the crown?

The water you find a heart in,
is the one you stand above.

Cutting your own so others can bleed?
How dare-full.

Selfishness is the best liar, and
your shaking hands with the enemy.

Liars bleed from their own knives.

Immunization is dead;
but I can hand you a yellow garbage bag.


Light in the cracks unwillingly break through,
blinding me in it’s pure form.

I shade my eyes.
The pain burns for days when I look away.

I ask for more.

Tears stream down
in hopes they will wash away the pain from the light, and
the pain from the storm.


from the ocean of tears,
in the place between the sky and the earth,

the Horizon.

Here light loves light
no matter the source of the storm.
It burns through and kills the already dead.

Let go.

I will hold on when your hand weakens,
bring you through the ocean of tears to the horizon, and
show you a light that loves light,
no matter it’s home.

I will love,
I’m not afraid.

Pocket Full of Stars

To speak without sounds, I
shake the stars to the ground,
collecting them in my pocket, and
passing them around.

It’s the frequency I relay,
not the words of what I say.
Like the star in my hand,
take one please,
you’ll understand.

If the sky is left starless,
one burning bright in your hand,
do you feel what you took,
could you open your heart, your book?

Now, lets throw the stars back into the sky,
frequencies aligned, archaic words left behind,
and just sounds without words, are

Temporary Pain

Let me take your heart
like the dirt takes roots,
out from the darkest place,
out from the hardest place.
The pain will drain
like water through the dirt.
I will take a piece of my heart,
and patch yours from mine,
planting it in the dirt and
watering it with your pain.
Let it grow out from the darkness,
and into the light.
My heart will grow again,
even more so,
watching yours.