Music: Matisyahu One Day/No Women No Cry

“Sometimes I lay under the moon…”

Bob Marley cover live at Academy London, UK



Is Famine a crime, and whom is the enemy?

My thoughts have been on hunger, war, and how fortunate I am to have the simplest of necessities denied to millions, denied to children.

East Africa Crisis ~ A Song For Africa: Let it Rain

Sorry, I do not know the artist, but a simple voice sings a simple yet powerful message.. ‘let it rain and wash away our pain’

Not a day goes by I don’t think of Syria too, and her children in the grasp of war and famine.

If we are one people, then we are all hurt, when one is. Maybe we are our own worst enemy, but hope always remains and a gift of give is possible. Even a good thought, can send a positive message.

War Storm

Harsh winds
of oppression
may tear the flag
of your body,
Tight reigns
of humanity
may beat bruises
upon your skin.
May thunder
of your
unbreakable will,
Boom lightening bolts
from your heart,
striking the unjust,
And leave only
light behind,
in the place
of dark.

Bullet Proof Clouds

The breath I breathe
condensates like morning dew.
Trickling down the blades of grass,
in the place I live.
Can my breath go to the desert,
and pool in the deepest holes
of the sand?

The day breaks.

Cuts from the blades may drip in red,
and the sand may be saturated in iron.
Let this iron bulletproof the clouds,
and from my breath
cover the youngest of hearts.

No tears to cry.
No worries to be held.
In mouth or metal; weaponry,
fireworks floating ‘bye’.


Whispering winds call your name
from yesterday,
Over rolling hills and
hot red sands,
down through Ancient Cities
of the Ocean Blue, and
up to the mountains
carving the sky.
No stars are touched though.
No Universe in sight.
The blood sizzles red in the sand, as your body burns in the oasis of the Water.
The Son rises each day,
so does the Daughter.