Blue Paint

Silence sits down now
Upon a snow covered bench
Vacant sky blue paint

(haiku six)

A favorite spot today


Soul Land

Hands slash down the forest.
If you have two legs you’re guilty.

Roots tear.

Dirt flies.

The rain pours down; flash flooding is inevitable.

Your souls collect in the mucky sewage water; you don’t smell the stench.

‘Is one to be one’

The crows love your souls.
They deposit you like seeds in droppings on new land; the wasted land.

Roots grow in the compost.

‘Please don’t be the walking dead’

Scales tip in the sunshine.

One side lives.
One side dies.

This is our land.

Environmental Talk: George Carlin

Sometimes things need to be put into perspective for me. It is nice to come across work and inspiration in all walks of life. Just trying to do my best… thought I’d share this clip about the environment/people.

George Carlin an American comedian sadly died in 2008. Actor/writer, satarist, won 5 grammy awards for his comedian albums.

Thank-you George for straight talk with a twist. You won’t be forgotten.


Oxidated Infestation

fire burnt
infestation killed
black sticks
remnants of pain
red hued needles
fall to the wind
grass growing bending
air breathed
sun touched
you rise like
the mountain
from the

Blending Sounds Tell Me

The car goes zoom up the road,
as a bird chirps music in the tree.

Together they blend in the air, sounds coming to me.

The house sits atop the mountain,
that once was solo in nature.

Together they blend, a different type of future.

The bear comes down, wondering where did it all go.

Together they that sit in the tree cut down, gives the bear a blow.

The sun shines for growth, and the water gives for life, yet

Together things are changing,
a secret sacrifice.

The wind blows from yesterday, down the mountains and across the sea,

Telling us a story of love, a story
on how we came to be.

Sounds blend in the air,
telling me, telling me,
yes, I care.