Barely Breathing

For just a moment,
where your hand touches my hair
because you care, care more than
what words say.

For just a moment,
where stars are more than
rocks falling from the sky, maybe…
for a day.

Sometimes barely breathing…
envious of the moon, in all it’s spacious breathlessness.


6 thoughts on “Barely Breathing

  1. M's Journey says:

    Always beautiful and tender words

  2. Sweet Tara, it’s Beautiful, You’re Beautiful, but stars ARE Really rocks falling from the sky. They say the roundest stone rolls faster down the hill. But INTO what? And from what did it roll? And Why? Searching is waaaay healthy, but Finding is Priceless. The calculus is How you roll. Please never stop being you, you gotta understand how important it is.

  3. Suppose, when we’re all made of star material, meteors are stars too. Sure… throw some wishes out there… why not. The river that breaks the mountain down… in a way, just different forms. Thank-you for the encouragement, and wise thoughts, Tara

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