It’s not the blossom,
or the fragrance…

nor the stories
that ride on the petals
down to the ground.

What place has
the most beautiful

Where has my sight gone.

I’ve forgotten
which way is the sky,
which way is the entrance…

(Photo ~ In The Garden)


4 thoughts on “Sky

  1. mihrank says:

    All this time
    The Sun never says to the Earth,

    “You owe me.”

    What happens
    With a love like that,
    It lights the whole sky.”

    You have a melody poem. I am touched, I hope to see you on my blogs, it means a lot to me, I appreciate it!

  2. Doug S says:

    I want you to think of the cosmic energy above the sky as connecting love everywhere, even infusing love into a rose.

    • Yes, love into a rose… Thank-you for your thoughts Doug.
      Who needs to know where the sky is, when the most beautiful sunsets are in ourselves. The bloom, the fragrance, and all our attachments really meant ‘nothing’, when our heart is a place of both exist and entrance… love through the seasons.

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