Green Tea and Haikus

This is just a poem, with some
paper, a pen, some light, and the little
flies that keep falling from the heat,
down to where I write.

Bon Iver is playing, talking about ‘more
love’, and the rain is tapping in the
dark, on the skylight above.

The tea is getting cold, it’s yellow but
it’s green, and as the leaves are
changing, I wonder how old i’ve been.

Spent the day with haikus, and a little
girl that loves to paint; a horse in pink
stars, with lines drawn so faint.

It reminded me of Black Beauty; a poem from last spring, the year of the
horse, the apples, the wine, the
dreams… and now, when the birds last

In the stillness, how long do we have
to sit, to see that everything moves
even I, moving with it?

Green tea and haikus;
the wind carries well… as leaves
lay down into love.


9 thoughts on “Green Tea and Haikus

  1. mihrank says:

    your title compliment your words!

  2. histeve433 says:

    I’ve never heard Bon Iver, I’ll have to check them out.
    I like how you ended this with your brilliant Haiku
    Great writing!

  3. Mike says:

    Reads elegantly – a delightful stream of consciousness greatly enjoyed.

  4. Doug S says:

    Beautiful and contemplative, tender and honest. Time passes quickly. Enjoy the beauty around you.

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