The fever comes,
right before the sun
stains the sky red,
and the birds sing
unconditionally to
the waking sun.

No words of grander
force their song,
nor does the cool air
of the night… break the heat
that runs through my body.

I was born at four am;
silent and blue.
Maybe the birds spoke for me,
maybe the sky… pushed the blood
through my veins;

Into a sapphire September,
into the wake of the sun.


17 thoughts on “Push

  1. Your words flow like crisp, cool refreshing water in an oasis after a long journey across the desert of life. Thank You….

  2. mihrank says:

    Reblogged this on mihran Kalaydjian and commented:

  3. mihrank says:

    Beautiful! Bravo!

  4. Ralph says:

    Hey, Tara, this is really good. Loved it !! xox

  5. mrmodigliani says:

    I am sure the birds did sing for you

    • Maybe… Thank-you. Do you ever notice anything a little different, around the time-of-day of your birth?

      • mrmodigliani says:

        Mine is November 5th. Overcast, gray, a brisk wind bristles through the pines. A few traces of yellow, orange and red remain. Only the eagle, a few wayward seagulls and the now gray loon remain on the cool glacial lake. The loon flaps her wings, gathers speeds and lifts off off to take a few final circles around the lake. Calling out, I hear her mournful cry to me, a farewell, before she finally flies toward the warm, southern sun.

  6. under-my-quilt says:

    Thanks for your likes Tara 🙂

    • I love reading your words! Thank-you for being here. How is spring coming along, and the gardening? I hear the frogs right now… in the night, and cherry trees are starting to blossom. Hard to believe a few weeks ago it snowed! Take care, much love, Tara

      • under-my-quilt says:

        I love frogs.I am close to the town centre so we don’t see many.Loving spring this year.You done more likes this morning thanks.Uncanny I was only speaking about you yesterday to my son,saying how lovely you are.Enjoy your day love Alex

  7. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    your poetry is so delightful, so alive. i’m happy things went the way they did after four am. x tony

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