In the
of water,
I will make
clay cups
from my body,
like swallows
that build nests
to make a home.

And when
the rain
comes again,
we can drink
moving in the
refraction of light,
that dances
on the water.


6 thoughts on “Drought

  1. Water’s nice but
    Without air,
    there is no evaporation.
    there is no refraction of sunlight.
    Air’s okay by me.

    • Thank-you for reading and commenting! Yes, air is good:)

      Being ‘in the’ evaporation was being in the air we breathe, also like being ‘in the’ refraction of light after the rain; in sunshine, or moonlight… and maybe a light within. Whom is to say what is outside may be inside too.

      Drought was also referring to a struggle in life but in dearness. I’ve watched after the hottest of days swallows use the mud that was once a lively pond, to then make their homes and create more life. Maybe we can make clay cups too, and share some tea ‘in the’ dance.

  2. Every day our ponds dry-up. Drought Happens! Other folks flip switches OFF. WE flip switches OFF. And we’re left with some nifty mud….to bitch about …or to mold into its next usefulness. Let’s Dance!

  3. One of the best verses I’ve read 🙂

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