Soul Seeds of Sorrow

The flowers
grow so grave,
They whisper
softly in the wind,
Such delicate
red roses,
With mighty
thorns of light!


9 thoughts on “Soul Seeds of Sorrow

  1. Iris Orpi says:

    I saw the “mighty thorns of light” (which is brilliant, by the way) in my mind’s eye and practically felt its touch. For me it is not so grave or sorrowful, this poem, more like bearing the languid majesty of something that is down now but will rise again. 🙂

    • Iris, thank-you!

      The grave referred to a few thoughts in one: Burial of the body, a serious notion, and a soft sound ‘grave’.
      The flowers also represented the regrowth from our death. Roses for love, red from our blood our body, and without pain (thorns), no light! To feel.

      So, from the title… Our soul from sorrow, grows in light. Not so sorrowful, yes. Tara

  2. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    this is so pure it almost sounds like a spiritual to me. i love it. tony

  3. Doug S says:

    I love how you use nature to communicate and release your pain in this pantheistic, spiritual sort of way. I’m sure you realize that I understand and relate to this need quite well.

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