Soft Feet

A glass house
is full of mirrors
in the circus.

The game
of dominoes is fun
in its foolishness.

Lined up days
of past

A buck
to enter and
two to leave.

One tear,
drops and shatters the glass
to the ground.

the softness,
that used to bleed.

Callous feet,
keep on walking.


4 thoughts on “Soft Feet

  1. Your poem is pure perfection!

    I love your visuals…and your touch of spirit in words. Beautiful!

    What inspired you to write this incredible piece?

    • Thank-you!
      Inspiration.. life, or lack of. We as people sometimes put value in life like a game, and it becomes a circus based on money and reflections of the past, one event after another.

      Slow down, bleed a little on the glass, move on from the past, in softness is strength, and besides… when the glass crumbles down, where does the circus go… : )

      Thank-you for your kind comments.

  2. Doug S says:

    Mine is not as beautiful or artful as yours, but I thought I would share:

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