Yellow Garbage Bag

Are you a man of the cloth, or
a women of the crown?

The water you find a heart in,
is the one you stand above.

Cutting your own so others can bleed?
How dare-full.

Selfishness is the best liar, and
your shaking hands with the enemy.

Liars bleed from their own knives.

Immunization is dead;
but I can hand you a yellow garbage bag.


6 thoughts on “Yellow Garbage Bag

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    dear Tara, writers always yearn toward an impossible lyric grace. you possess it. clear, crisp lines, beautifully written. tony

  2. youneededme says:

    Managed to comment my sit must have righted itself, thanks for all your support you are a lovely kind person Alex

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