Soul Land

Hands slash down the forest.
If you have two legs you’re guilty.

Roots tear.

Dirt flies.

The rain pours down; flash flooding is inevitable.

Your souls collect in the mucky sewage water; you don’t smell the stench.

‘Is one to be one’

The crows love your souls.
They deposit you like seeds in droppings on new land; the wasted land.

Roots grow in the compost.

‘Please don’t be the walking dead’

Scales tip in the sunshine.

One side lives.
One side dies.

This is our land.


10 thoughts on “Soul Land

  1. Mike Crape says:

    Well done Tara, I like this verse and the direction it points, of our nature to spoil what is given by nature. I had written on a similar thing today! Thanks for sharing.

    ~ Mike

    • Thank-you Mike! Our land, like our soul, our nature. Yes, don’t we spoil nature all the time. Makes me think how cruel we are to ourselves, reflecting it out to the world and attracting the same neg. back.

      Happy Sunday (with positive thoughts)

  2. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    rich and vibrant, lovely verse Tara. tony

    • Our land is like our soul. Why so much hate in the world? Hope lives. Even in the eyes of children playing in streets where buildings have crumbled down, and lives lost. Flowers can grow I know it! Let nature plant the seeds if man can not.
      Happy you liked the poem Tony.
      Always, Tara

  3. Very powerful and beautifully written. Makes me richly sad.

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