Music: Wildlife – Lightning Tent

Goodnight. I seem to have many favorite songs. This one on my mind tonight, as I move under the stars, always holding on.

Band Wildlife: Love your music, thank-you, Canadian we are.

Album: On The Heart


4 thoughts on “Music: Wildlife – Lightning Tent

  1. Reblogged this on TUXADERMY and commented:
    I woke at 4 am – I was too hot to sleep. Not in the same sense as ” I’m too hot for my pants!!” no no noooo !!! But, rather, in the sense of – England’s having a heat wave, which used to be called summer but we have had such bad summer weather for years now that the weather man has taken to calling good weather between June and September, a heat wave ! (I’m babbling! where was I ?)
    Oh yes
    “Too hot to sleep” in the sense of – its hot, sticky, humid, uncomfortable, hot, uncomfortable and sticky – and I can’t sleep.
    So I look at some blogs and come across this song on Always Little Pieces and suddenly it doesnt matter that it’s 4 am or that its hot and sticky – I’m just enjoying this great little song
    Hope you like it too
    whatever time it is where you are
    and whatever the weather is like for you.

    • I’m so happy you follow me and your reblog with such nice words. Sorry about the heat. I think about you a lot and your beautiful poem you shared with me.

      I love this song too. Makes me feel free and lost, but uplifted like the stars. Night is falling on me, as day is soon to rise on you and we’re both connected through this song. Thank-you, traveling together no matter time. Tara

      • aha yes – time difference – its a funny thing isn’t it – well you have a good night’s sleep Tara – and I’ll try and stay awake at work today !!! yes the song is really beautiful – I shall look for an album today – which one would you recommend?

        • Album: On the Heart
          I feel this one the most. Came out March 2013. Lightening Tent, Pulse, Two Hearts Race, If it Breaks.. all really good.

          Album: Strike Hard Young Diamond is good too. With songs – Stand on the water and American Eyes.

          Have a good day.. lots of coffee? Cold coffee..haha.

          It is a beautiful song.

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