Arrow From Yarrow

If my explanation is simple,
do I really know it all?
Riddles and rhymes are pretty,
stories big and small.

A hundred doors to choose,
but only one is yours.
The door to the room that
houses, the hundred doors or more.

A picture of yarrow,
growing beside a burnt fallen tree.
What door opens, what do you see?

Life and death, dark and light,
nature and nurture, wrong or right.

The arrow from yarrow,
shoots in the sky.
Watch it burn and splinter,
in the sun as it floats by.

It’ll light up every room,
to the house that houses,
a hundred or more,

All you have to do is open, open that one door.


2 thoughts on “Arrow From Yarrow

  1. Seb says:

    Oh! that’s so mysterious!

    • Seb, love that you follow, your comments.

      Can we from pain and suffering find light? Yes! Change. Big question, do we want to open that one door? Different for everyone. Face all the demons and face all the love? Both seem kinda scary.

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