Light in the cracks unwillingly break through,
blinding me in it’s pure form.

I shade my eyes.
The pain burns for days when I look away.

I ask for more.

Tears stream down
in hopes they will wash away the pain from the light, and
the pain from the storm.


from the ocean of tears,
in the place between the sky and the earth,

the Horizon.

Here light loves light
no matter the source of the storm.
It burns through and kills the already dead.

Let go.

I will hold on when your hand weakens,
bring you through the ocean of tears to the horizon, and
show you a light that loves light,
no matter it’s home.

I will love,
I’m not afraid.


2 thoughts on “Light

  1. Gray Dawster says:

    Being brave is half the battle,
    and after conquering all fears
    there is a sense of warming 🙂

    Have a lovely Tuesday my friend 🙂


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