Ordinary is what I am, what I carry.
A lecture you will not find,
nor a church of any kind.

A common ground or place,
second rated,
but first graded.

I’m out of the way,
with my ordinary tattooed,
in my heart, my mood.

The ink runs like
animals wild,
my inside child.

Ordinary, I carry you and you carry me.
What common ground, what peace we see.


6 thoughts on “Ordinary

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    dear Tara, in turns lyrical, then narrative, your words weave a rich tapestry. tony

    • It changes, Yes! From a description and a shield like ‘ordinary’ could mean. Ordinary in me, on me, to becoming my friend. A place in common and being both one at the same time… a freedom feeling and contentment.

      Thank-you Tony, I love your comments and insight. Have a good evening,
      🙂 Tara

  2. Beautiful, thought-blossoming poem, Tara! The graceful rhythm of your words carries a timeless pathos. What newfound niche you have carved inside my brain, blazing life through neurons, changing my mind’s chemistry.
    Tyler 🙂

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