Spirit Visit

The scales tip at night when a moment comes, my mind rests and the spirit is set free. Held for the day in my body, it touches upon others, through words, images, and songs.

When the night falls, I’m no longer touched by these words, images, and songs, but infused by the spirits behind them. All that I love and once loved, I come before and within. A place like home.

For now I will be me, and take my journey trying to connect the spirit that travels at night during the day. I’ll walk beside and within those that touch me to the very core, remembering, we are not alone when tomorrow comes, and a place like home isn’t far away. I will remember, the scales will tip again and just for a moment is all I need.



2 thoughts on “Spirit Visit

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    transcendent prose, with great intimacy and humanity. tony

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