To See Is Beauty

At the water’s edge on a calm morning, your unasked reflection looks back at you.

You see a distorted image between
fact and fiction, life and death,
wrong and right.

Beautiful particles of light bend
around a black hole in your mind,
swirling on both sides.

You are a traveler on a journey asking questions,
creating your life.

At the water’s edge on a calm morning,
the attempt to open your eyes within,
is, the beauty inside.


2 thoughts on “To See Is Beauty

  1. Gray Dawster says:

    The inner depths of humankind can be fuelled with optimism, a positive wave that enriches every second of every day into a multifaceted stream of pure consciousness, and with the perception of tomorrow being constructive; it illuminates and clarifies the mind.

    I like your energy when you write my friend…


    • Thank-you Andro! Your words are very wise and kind. “Multifaceted stream of pure consciousness”. I hope I touch upon this in my life time, before I leave my flimsy forgettable physical body and become connected once again.

      I’m happy you enjoy my energy! Hope it spreads. I’m fortunate to have fellow wordpress friends with wonderful ‘mindful’ advice. 🙂 Tara

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