This morning I didn’t win all the battles

This morning my children followed me downstairs to get dressed for school. I held my iphone (which I’m still gettting aquainted with and it’s instant auto correct and tiny letters) up high in the air and played “The Time’s They are a Changing” through it’s little speaker. I said, “Come on my little children, follow the music”, and we all marched downstairs. It worked, a little different approach to draw their attention away from their play to get ready for school. First battle won by me and they didn’t even know it!

What I really loved this morning was the words my son said as he was slipping on his shoes on the back deck outside. A place where the morning sun streches through the trees and first touches the house. The door was closing behind him and I heard him say to himself, “oh (with a deep inhale) this is what I love..the air”. He then raced down the steps past the ponderosa trees to the vehicle. That made me smile. Maybe I’ll leave his shoes out there all the time.

However, as I sat here writing this, I did loose one battle. I just heard a little scratching noise in my closet. I walked over and opened the door, our little scruffy dog was unaccounted for (shoot, the children must have trapped him in there earlier) and he left me a little present.

Have a great day 🙂


One thought on “This morning I didn’t win all the battles

  1. Yes! Have a great day 🙂

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