How A Mountain Came To Be

In the beginning,
forces pull me in a continental drift to a convergent boundary,

creating earthquakes and volcanoes as I journey through.
Growing and dying at once, I become both old and new.

My heart burns from the lava in an unfought fight,
created between the Ocean and Moon at night.

In the end,

I am the love the moon walks down to the stream and valley floors,
the Ocean, finally being touched like it’s never been touched before.


2 thoughts on “How A Mountain Came To Be

  1. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    your clean lines and controlled cadences, combined with a flair for the succinct visual image, make every line of this poem a joy to read. tony

    • Thank-you Tony! Your words make me very happy. I appreciate your comments.

      The Ocean and the Moon create a mountain together from their love to finally touch. How sad though to live your life in love and not know it, feel it, and it’s right in front of you.

      Have a wonderful day/night, Tara

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