If the words you wrote could fall
off the paper like tear drops,
streams to rivers,
collecting in the ocean below.

Would I hear you,
would you touch me with
what’s left behind?

I’ll take your blank piece of paper,
place it in my book of hearts, and
collect words from the ocean below.

Would you hear me,
would I touch you with
what’s left behind?

(Today I flew across the world in wordpress, reading many beautiful blogs, lost land, love, heartache, skies, warriors, children.. this is close to what I felt when I was done.. thank-you)


6 thoughts on “LoneVE

  1. Sheila says:

    This is really beautiful. I’m glad we heard and touched each other today.

  2. t h i n g s + f l e s h says:

    i love your voice … it’s spare, reflective … it revitalizes the lyric as Art … tony

    • Tony, Thank-you. After visiting your blog and many others yesterday, this was how I felt. I am not to take full credit, you played a part in it. Yes it does sound like a lyric.

      Thought I responded, if so sorry for the repeat.
      I appreciate your words,

  3. You nailed it on the head! Smiles

    • Thank-you,
      What are the letters on the paper if
      no emotion was felt, how does it touch me?
      The emotion is brought into your my heart and creates a feeling combined as one… I appreciate everyones “heart stories”.
      Thank-you for your comment!
      Tara 🙂

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