Cemetery Walk From the Past


Today I visited the cemetery where my grandparents lay.

I’d walk through as a child after visiting the market, with big chew gum and Popeye sticks, counting the lives, how long they lived, from start to stay.

Today we visited the cemetery as my children walked.

We slipped through the graves after visiting the market with skittles and popsicles, counting our life, our time to live, we talked.

Today I visited the cemetery walking from the past, reflecting, living, day by day, at last.
20130603-220958.jpg20130603-221542.jpg Where the sun touches the clouds
(images by me today)


4 thoughts on “Cemetery Walk From the Past

  1. A beautiful, poignant and well observed moment. This is the very brand of poetic expression that reaches into me and makes me want to seek out those who are still with us and tell them they are so very much appreciated. Thank you for this bit of reverence and nostalgia. Nicely done, Tara.

    • Your words are too kind. I feel a pull when I come across works that move me also, a sense of relief and completeness surrounding, drawing me to hear and see more. I apologize to those I follow with my many comments… so hard to contain. Thank-you, goodnight or good day,

  2. Gray Dawster says:

    We are miniscule in the bigger picture that is life
    but what a journey, a time of learning, understanding
    and fulfilling one’s own destiny 🙂 🙂

    Have a fun Tuesday my friend 🙂


    • Thanks Andro, I was surprisingly moved as I watched my children walk the same old cracked stones along the graves that I laid my own childhood eyes on. The wonder, the awe, the meaning behind it all… little for both of us.

      Have a great day,

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