Questionably Acquainting the World Around Me

I’m still getting acquainted with that someone I call my soul. It’s in all my connections in all I know.

I see the plastic ocean patch
and the deforestation,
the lose of wildlife and precious habitat.

Our animals of this good earth have been caged, killed, and cooked, with not a nice goodbye.
Oh to say the least, how about some nice shark-fin soup to try?

We have rapists and phediphiles that get back on the streets,
with laws that protect them against all their feats.

I feel for the Natives and the people whom we’ve been unjust,
taking your children, and ripping your spirit and throwing it in the dust!

When we come to the three million Cambodians killed all but 40 years ago.
This is so hard for me,
something I just don’t know.

I want to sing, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” or ” What a wonderful world” this would be, maybe a little too much you see.

I’m still getting acquainted with that person I call my soul,
for it’s in all the connections, it’s in all I know.


7 thoughts on “Questionably Acquainting the World Around Me

  1. johncoyote says:

    So much sadness in the poem. Hard sometime to find worthwhile things and goals. We must for the sake of people who can’t. I hope one day we learn to be kind to each other.

    • Thank-you for reading that and your comment! Even though it’s all said-and-done, I can’t help wonder how much we could have prevented if our minds were greater than one. Without an answer (or with many answers) as I look at history, I can only hope that myself does better.

  2. great poem…i appreciate those who are willing to see things as they truly are and not allow themselves to be defined by what’s happening around them. our greatest acquaintance should be with ourselves/souls.

    • I appreciate your words greatly and thank-you. We are more than ourselves and could do better. It’s hard to see these things when out-of-sight or sound, and plays like a movie through the tv or a book every now and then. I feel saddened when I remember what is/has happened but have hope that in our children we can instill something better then once was. Thank-you.

  3. lovely poem – very thoughtful – like you – i continue to connect with my soul

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