You May Be Dead and Standing

You may be dead and standing
but life exists within.

All the little tree birds
could not create it’s kin, and

when you fall to the ground,
your purpose still has no end,

your bark and pith
is used, to grow life again.

You start where you begun,
just like the river run,

life will be forever,
a phoenix rising in the sun.

Dead and standing,
or laying on the ground,

all the birds will thank-you,
for keeping them around.

20130520-210416.jpg Image by me


2 thoughts on “You May Be Dead and Standing

  1. The poem and the picture are so beautiful!!

    • Thank-you again! I waited for the nuthatches to pop out but they must have known I was there. I believe our spirit is forever like the river, a purpose connected together on this world. With insight and effort, we can create something positive for our children and our children’s children. However..I think we have sped up the process of “survival of the fittest” alittle sooner. We still have a choice though.

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