Nature’s Reflection in Humanity

flowers in the city

When we see into the life of things we see into ourselfs. It’s hard to consciously think about our daily choices sometimes in aid for the betterment of the environment and our people. William Wordsworth, a English Romantic poet in 1770-1850 knew “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”, and “The world is too much with us”. Being one of my favorite poets I have always admired his insight and love for nature and the realization of the negative impact humanity was having on Earth then, imagine now?

We have a plastic portion of the ocean “The Great Pacific garbage patch” releasing toxins into marine life, birds, the air we breath, we have computers going to China to be stripped of their metal connectors and burned releasing more toxins. Our world has wealthy billionaires and countries without clean water to drink. Big foot prints, and no foot prints, can we make a difference for change? Well of course we can..we just need everyone to see this and live at least a little bit better.

I recycle, reuse, and reduce the best I can no matter how big the toxic plastic ocean continues to grow. I try and buy products made in my country even when I’ve found out (while shopping with my children running up and down the grocery aisle saying “can I have this”, and I’m turning products around to check where it was made and what’s in it and paying a bit more for it), to later find out only the last ingredient needs to be added in my country and then the product can be listed “made in Canada”. I check lables to only find out that not everything is required to be listed in it, plus when I see the green “Health Check” on a product I assume it is to be ranked good for you, when really some products have payed for that labelling while others without are healthier.

It’s like a jungle out there (well not really since they are being deforested so fast for our fast food beef patties and other things), but really, it is hard to live environmentally conscious when so much can be against it, but then again hope exsites.

I see into myself, my children, the beautiful trees above full of peeping nuthcatches and chickadees, the butterflies fluttering below, ducks quacking in the pond just beyond the fence, the smell of the hot air after the rain, and when I look at that clear baby blue sky in the day and sprinkled at night with stars billions of light-years away, how can I not do all I can do to preserve, respect, and protect nature? My strawberries are really good too, minus those darn raspberries roots.

I can be one of the many that follow their heart and listen to nature outside as within. When we protect and care for nature we protect and care for ourselfs. Wordsworth says, “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”, so maybe if we stop betraying ourselfs we could help create a better reflection in nature too.

To the new followers and visitors..thank-you.


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